1) Today is an ideal day, day to say good bye to old thoughts and old working methods.
2) Today is an important day to lead our company towards success.
3) Today onwards, I shall work sincerely to achieve our company's goal.
4) I shall not compromise with company principles, ethics & values.
5) I strongly believe that time is money and hence I will not waste time.
6) I shall always maintain a learning attitude and learn new things.
7) I will always use my skills in achieving our company's goal.
8) I will accept my mistake and I will ensure it does not repeat.
9) My colleagues are also my family members, Hence I shall always respect them.
10) Good Morning, I am proud to be a member of "Shreenathji Steel".


To Create Prosperous lives by providing reliable solutions.


To grow multiple businesses successfully by emulating the great practices of TATA & Becomes Rs. 2000 cr. turnover company by 2030.


Quality as Committed

We focus on Quality. Quality is important to our Business because lives Depend on us.

Taking Challenges

Always ready for taking new challenges and ready to convert them into opportunity.

Respect for All

To Give Respect to all Customer & Suppliers Connected with Shreenathji Group.

Team Work

The Process of Working collaboratively with a Group of People in Order to Achieve a GOAL.

Customer Satisfaction

The Degree of Satisfaction Provided by the Goods or Services of a Company as Measured by the Number of Repeat Customers.


1) By 2030, Shreenathji Group of Companies / will have a corporate house of 5 floors each floor will be at 5000 Sq.Ft.

2) By 2030, Shreenathji Group of Companies / will be a GPTW (Great Place to Work).

3) By 2030, Shreenathji Group of Companies / will be a renowned brand, which will have many awards of different categories on its name.

4) Shreenathji Group of Companies will have its own "Charity Trust" from which it will help to the needy people of the society.

5) Shreenathji Group of Companies will have a giant network with 500 dealers all over India.

6) Shreenathji Group of Companies have own residential township and all employee enjoy their life.

7) Shreenathji Group of Companies will provide free medical & educational scholarship to their employees & their family.

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